Appia Cooperative Cards

We're launching a comprehensive integration of Cooperative ATM Cards with AppiaPay, ushering in a new era of financial convenience and accessibility.

Introducing Appia Cooperative ATM

AppiaPay is a robust digital wallet solution tailored for the unique needs of cooperative business members. With a commitment to offering a holistic financial experience, we propose a comprehensive integration of Cooperative ATM Cards with AppiaPay, ushering in a new era of financial convenience and accessibility.

Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds

The Cooperative ATM Card is an innovative addition that seamlessly integrates with AppiaPay, offering members a physical card to facilitate transactions, bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms of financial management.

Wider Accessibility

The Cooperative ATM Card extends the reach of AppiaPay to ATMs worldwide, providing 24/7 access to funds for members, whether they are in their local community or traveling internationally.

Cash Withdrawals and Deposits

Enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing cash or making deposits at ATMs, giving customers greater control over their finances and integrating cooperative resources seamlessly into their everyday financial activities.

Inclusive Financial Solutions

Tailored for cooperative members, the

Cooperative ATM Card, in collaboration with AppiaPay, provides an inclusive and accessible platform for effortless fund management.

Advantages of ATM Card Integration

Seamless Fund Access

Members can seamlessly access their AppiaPay funds through ATMs, reducing the need for physical visits to cooperative offices and providing flexibility in managing their financial resources.

Enhanced Security

ATM cards adhere to industry-standard security measures, adding an extra layer of protection to members' financial transactions and instilling confidence in the security of their cooperative assets.

Encourages Digital Transactions

ATM card integration acts as a bridge between digital and traditional banking, encouraging members to transition to digital transactions gradually while retaining the convenience of physical card usage.

Integration Process

Card Issuance

AppiaPay will collaborate with reputable financial institutions to issue cooperative-branded ATM cards for members, ensuring a seamless and trusted issuance process.

Linking to AppiaPay

The issued ATM cards will be seamlessly linked to members' AppiaPay accounts, fostering a unified management system for their funds and transactions.

Training Programs

AppiaPay will conduct comprehensive training programs to educate members on the benefits and usage of the integrated ATM cards, ensuring a smooth transition and widespread understanding.

24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team will be available around the clock to assist members with any issues or queries related to their ATM cards, providing ongoing support to enhance the member experience.